Let A&T expert trainers come to you through Consultant Wise MT&T, which we cooperate with. 

A&T suggests that in-house training allows you to define the programme that precisely matches your needs. The solution is presented by an established first-rate training organisation, with access to all the latest industry information and news, and at an onsite location of your choice at the time that best suits your people.

Whether it is to improve your operational efficiency, reduce your costs, enhance your business potential, or widen your knowledge we have the training course for you. 
At A&T, our professionals, who have extensive knowledge about Chinese, English, Korean, Turkish, Italian law and practice, are able to provide private training services for clients. These services are at utmost importance of clients to explore key strategies and manage day-to-day operational challenges for their business transactions. 

If there is an area of the below mentioned industry that you need to know about it will be covered in our extensive portfolio including legal, economic, offshore, ports and terminals, environment, financial, insurance, management, technical work with one of our experienced training professionals to produce a customised programme designed specifically for your business requirements. Our training services focus also on legislative and governance matters and are geared for banks, trade and shipping companies, insurers, public entities, government officials, and all other private sector companies and individuals. 

Whether your needs are for a business or technology programme, foundation to advanced level, instructor led workshops to distance learning, we can work with you to adapt our training to suit specific needs of your organisation. We also develop bespoke e-learning solutions and provide educational consultancy services.

In-house training provides tailored training solutions to
achieve your corporate goals by developing the skills, knowledge and performance of your people in maritime, trade & logistics, ports & terminals and energy sectors.

A cut above the rest, we offer:

  • Commitment to excellence by delivering you the highest quality programme
  • Performance improvement solutions that will dramatically enhance your people and your business
  • Substantial cost savings compared to conventional training

A&T also updates the industry people through it`s seminars and panels. With all it`s services, A&T`s goal is to assist participants in planning for long-term challenges, in a fast changing business environment.