Banking & Finance


Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of banking and finance. Our well-experienced professionals are able to provide regular banking and finance advice, monitor market trends, scrutinise regulatory changes and deliver unrivalled commercial and legal solutions and services to make our clients’ businesses prosperous. At A&T, we response our banking and finance clients’ legal and commercial expectations in a professional manner, protect their interests in a secured way and cooperate with them in finding best commercial strategies. 

Asset Finance

We have extensive experience across all sectors of the asset finance industry. We advise on both domestic and global asset financings. We advise and act for airlines, banks, borrowers, captive finance companies, export credit agencies, financiers, governmental organisations and agencies, lessors and lessees, manufacturers, operators and international organisations. 

We have extensive experience in all types asset finances including:

  • Aircraft, shipping, rail equipment, yachting finance 
  • Asset-based landing
  • Buy and sell leasing companies and portfolios of assets
  • Export credit and capital markets driven products,
  • Internet, information technology and telecommunications 
  • Manufacturing equipment 
  • Power generation, offshore oil and gas installations
  • Real estate 
  • Receivables financings
  • Retail finance
  • Securitisation
  • Software licenses and intellectual property 
  • Structuring regional and global leasing business networks

Banking Disputes

Our banking disputes team assists our clients on a broad range of banking disputes including arbitration, litigation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution. In this field we advise and act for governmental agencies, investments banks, local and global banks, policymakers and regulatory agencies. 

Our practice covers a broad range of banking disputes including:

  • Bank facility disputes 
  • Banking regulation 
  • Capital raising and investments in bank capital
  • Credit and hire agreements 
  • Derivative cases
  • Domestic and international banking transactional disputes 
  • Financial institutions mergers and acquisition 
  • Investment management 
  • Management of fraud and many laundering 
  • Mortgage disputes 
  • Negotiation documentation and loan and security packages 
  • Turnaround and insolvency 

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate finance team works closely with our clients to response their requirements and objectives. We are dedicated ourselves to collaborate with our clients by planning their business facilities and create legal strategies that they can safely navigate within the corporate finance; and we advise and act for a broad range of corporate clients, including: advisory and investment banks, borrowers and lenders. 

Our practice covers a broad range of corporate finance including:

  • Asset-based lending and general working capital financing
  • Bonding and invoice discounting 
  • Credit facilities (syndicated and bilateral basis) and cash flow transactions 
  • Equity and bond issuances 
  • Investment lending
  • Lien facilities
  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Secured and unsecured financings
  • Securities and guarantees

Islamic Finance

Our global Islamic finance team advises on complicated Islamic finance transactions by planning and structuring documentation aspects of a transaction as well as providing strategic guidance and scrutiny and negotiation of agreements in a global scale. We act for a range of clients, including agencies and intermediaries, conventional banks, corporates, governments, insurers and Islamic financial institutions. 
Our practice covers a broad range of Islamic finance including:

  • Credit facilities and real estate acquisitions 
  • Islamic banking
  • Islamic bonds
  • Islamic derivatives and structured finance 
  • Islamic funds
  • Islamic mortgages
  • Shariah-compliant transactions
  • takaful insurance policies

Private Banking

Our banking and finance team deals with complicated private banking transactions locally and globally. We offer a sophisticated full-service competence, ranging from the planning of transactions, through monitoring and managing documentation, to tailoring to investment strategy solutions. We know our clients expectations and risk parameters, we are in this respect dedicated ourselves to put utmost emphasis on providing first class banking advisory services in full effectiveness. 
Our practice covers a broad range of private banking issues including:

  • Insurance advisory 
  • Lead generation
  • Loans 
  • Real estate advisory and structuring 
  • Tax advisory and structuring 
  • Value proposition  

Project Finance

We understand what is most significant for our clients’ projects insofar as challenging financial market is concerned and aim to guide them through the process. We also have a broad range of experience and knowledge that consequently enables us to comprehend our clients’ commercial and legal needs and it leads to more operative – transactional advice and highly profitable business.

Our practice covers a broad range of project finance including:

  • Advising on all types of major infrastructure projects
  • Advising and negotiation project agreements and development projects
  • Contractual framework 
  • Debt capital markets and property finance
  • Due diligence 
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) finance
  • Offshore oil and gas projects
  • Operation and maintenance finance 
  • Ports and terminals projects 
  • Project development, i.e. pre-bid – contract negotiation – money-raising stage

Ship Finance

As we have close understanding and unrivalled technical and commercial expertise for the whole marine sector and the business of ship finance, we are able to deliver commercially focused, timely, practical and efficient solutions for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of the ship finance environment allows us to identify and deal with any issues straightforward. We act for a number of banks, brokers, private equity financiers and investors, ship operator, shipowners, shipping companies and yards in all types of vessel such as bulk carriers, container ships, cruise ships, tankers, supply and support vessels and yachts. 

Our practice covers a broad range of ship finance including:

  • Construction and acquisition financing
  • Employment and liability issues
  • Lending, leasing and export credit finance and documentation 
  • Loan agreements and transactions 
  • Loan and security and other financing/investment documentation
  • Negotiation of joint ventures
  • Ship acquisition and disposal
  • Shipbuilding contracts
  • Ship finance derivatives arrangements
  • Ship mortgages
  • Ship sale and purchase
  • Syndicated transactions,
  • Vessel registrations, taxation and regulatory issues

Trade & Commodity Finance

Trade finance is one of the most complicated finance fields in which there is a volatile trade market. Our dedicated trade finance team has comprehensive market knowledge to help our clients by identifying potential risks, maximising limitation of liability and protecting their business interests. We provide a full service to our clients across this environment: banks, commodity trading companies, end users, financiers, producers, trade and industry associations and transporters. 

Our practice covers a broad range of trade finance including:

  • Bilateral trade finance facilities 
  • Cash management products 
  • Dispute resolution of trade finance transactions 
  • Derivatives 
  • Documents of title
  • Export credits 
  • Structured Trade Finance
  • Letters of credit, performance bonds and bills of exchange
  • Political and risk insurance
  • Pre-export finance
  • Sale of receivables and good
  • Security over receivables and goods
  • Structuring trade finance
  • Trading contracts, bills of lading and charterparties
  • Warehouse receipt financing 
  • Workouts and insolvencies