Hotels & Leisure


The hotels and leisure industry is one of the most sophisticated areas that the industry players continuously find advantages around the world and invest billions of dollars as well as a considerable amount of time in demonstrating the business attraction of their companies.

Our team has commercial and legal backgrounds to advise current industry players as well as the newcomers in the progress of entering the hotels and leisure sector. One of the most significant skills of A&T is to understand the sector by considering every single element of advantages and risks, which enables us to guide our clients to deal with their sectorial projects in a prompt and secure way.

We offer dependability, professionalism and unparalleled global perspective to our clients by providing high-level legal expertise, commercially focused advice and specific industry benchmarks. Our experience and global knowledge enables us to monitor the changes of the hotels and leisure industry internationally, and support our clients with a broad range of interests within the sector.

Meeting our clients’ professional expectations and necessity of a complete legal protection is of paramount significance to us. We also deliver an instantaneous response and reliable legal assistance in a timely manner for the commencement of any risky situations that our clients may face in their business.

We have dedicated ourselves to expend time, effort and energy for a solution-oriented outcome by scrutinising every single aspect of a project in order to address the best possible method to our clients. Our dynamic and proactive nature constantly enables us to provide our clients both with several of legal strategies and avoiding and/or mitigating potential risks.

As acting for a broad range of clients from growth-oriented to large worldwide companies as well as individuals, we are able to balance between precise commercial needs of our clients and legal practice in hotels and leisure sector.

Our Clients

We act for a broad range of clients across the industry, including: investors, hoteliers, hotel consolidators, developers, brand, corporate and property owners and entrepreneurs, financial institutions, occupiers, individuals, franchisees, private equity and debt funders and consultants, designers for hotel business, event planners, service apartments, resorts, residences, cruise ships, health clubs, travel agents, tour operators.

What we do in Hotels & Leisure

Our work in this area includes:

  • Acquisitions and disposals, bond issues, fund structuring, merger of hotel companies and assets
  • All dispute resolutions including: domestic and international arbitration, litigation and mediation, business securitisations, etc.
  • Assisting on regular operational matters e.g. employment, health and safety, etc. 
  • Due diligence, property ownership structures, procuring and risk/reward managing
  • Franchise operations
  • Hotel and other leisure facilities financing
  • Hotel real estate 
  • Hotel regulations and reorganisations
  • Hotel taxation and tax planning advice, licensing issues 
  • Investment and development issues 
  • Joint-ventures
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Management and lease operating
  • Marketing and branding advice
  • Negotiation of finance and equity investment
  • Planning, development, environment and construction of hotels and other leisure businesses 
  • Refurbishment and extensions projects
  • Selling and buying hotels, resorts projects and leisure businesses 
  • Structuring, restructuring and insolvency
  • Tourism activities

Drafting, advising and negotiation for all sector related contracts

  • Design contracts 
  • Commercial contracts with regard to hotels and other leisure facilities 
  • Hotel management, marketing and branding contracts
  • Hotel leasing contracts 

Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants

  • Commercial contracts
  • Employment matters
  • Health & Safety - Food safety 
  • Intellectual property rights 
  • Licensing issues
  • Financial matters
  • Real Estate, structuring, restructuring & insolvency