Franchising & Distribution


As we closely work with our clients who regularly face with a various commercial, legal and regulatory challenges in franchising and distribution geography, we are able to deliver commercially perspicacious and cutting-edge advice as well as assisting them with day-to-day operational issues. Across our unrivalled and global legal network as well as commercial approach, our clients are capable of managing their regulatory investigations and the supply chain with a strong business focus.

We are well aware that our clients are continually seeking to enlarge the business opportunities in local and global economies and are required global mind legal team that can deliver flexible and practical fast responses in changing and growing franchise and distribution markets. With this mind-set, we have been developing legal and commercial relationships all around the world. This network enables A&T to provide pragmatic and effective solutions in high standards and ensures that our clients can benefit from dealing with their disputes and challenges whenever and wherever they may face.                

What we do in Franchising & Distribution

We provide a broad range of franchising and distribution services to all franchisees, franchisors, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, and licensors. 

Our franchising and distribution team advises on

  • Day-to-day operation managements between franchisors and franchisees
  • Establishment of business networks locally and globally 
  • Formation of agency relationship
  • Franchise and distribution formation and structuring – methods of creation 
  • Franchise and distribution management
  • Franchise termination process
  • General environment for distributors 
  • Governing the franchise relationships 
  • Hotel franchising 
  • Intellectual property rights protection and enforcement 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Portfolio and brand management 
  • Purchase of franchise systems or individual franchise units 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Transfer of franchised outlets, projected new franchised outlets and operation of franchised outlets 

Advising, drafting and negotiating for all types of franchising and distribution contracts including:

  • Commercial agency agreements 
  • Management agreements 
  • Supply and license agreements 

Dispute resolution including litigation, mediation and arbitration

  • Patent litigation 
  • Product liability issues 
  • Trademark prosecution