Intellectual Property


A&T professionals are well aware that intellectual property is of fundamental importance to every business. We are dedicated ourselves to assisting our clients with IP rights and ensuring that their intellectual properties meet the necessities of their commercial routes.

Our IP team provides an extensive intellectual property service ranging from clarification, through protections and evolution and to guarding their rights against third party unlawful usages and misappropriations. 

Our specialised trademark and patent attorneys provide cost-effective, proactive and practical advice so that our clients are able to use their IP rights in accordance with their business plan. Likewise, our IP team handles all types of intellectual property disputes. We assist in covering the full range of intellectual property subjects in both local and global scale. 

What we do in Intellectual Property

We provide a broad range of intellectual property law services including:

  • Analysis of intellectual property portfolios
  • Commercial intellectual property including 
  • Customs and national law enforcement
  • Defamation and reputation management
  • Digital rights management
  • Domain names
  • E-commerce and E-payments 
  • Industrial design rights 
  • Infringements including copyright, intellectual property, patent, trademark and trade secrets infringements 
  • Intellectual property and advertising 
  • Intellectual property and internet 
  • Intellectual property and technology 
  • Intellectual property licensing and franchising 
  • Know-how 
  • Media and privacy 
  • Misappropriation and enforcement 
  • National and regional patent and trademark offices for disputes about registered IP rights
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Patent and patent litigation 
  • Registered IP right disputes across national and regional patent and trademark offices
  • Strategic intellectual property planning 
  • Structuring, ownership and licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Trademarks and trade dress
  • Unfair competition 
  • Validity – ownership and rights of use of all forms of intellectual property rights 

Advising, drafting and negotiating for all types of commercial intellectual property rights and agreements including:

  • Agency and sponsorship agreements 
  • Distribution and supply agreements 
  • Due diligence of intellectual property 
  • Licensing and joint venture and collaboration agreements 
  • Sales of disposal of intellectual property rights 
  • Standard form agreements