Our highly experienced tax team knows how to collaborate with our clients every step of their business as well as delivering creative and dependable commercial tax-saving strategies based on their specific business plans. As our tax team has in-depth commercial and legal knowledge of tax consulting and litigation, we are able to provide one-stop solution service to every tax-related dispute with the right resources. 

Our local and global connections enable us to deliver practical, commercially focused and innovative tax solutions. Our tax team has dedicated itself to combining local knowledge with the right strategy in order for our clients to navigate through their focused industries securely and successfully. 
Alongside a broad range of tax-related services, we advice and act for a broad range of clients, including: banks and other financial institutions, corporate entities, individuals, private companies, multinational companies, and partnerships.

Tax Consulting

Our tax team provides commercially integrated advice on local, national and international tax as if it is an extension of clients’ business partner. We offer a broad range of tax consulting services that response to all challenges our clients face. 
We advise our clients on a domestic, regional and global basis, on the tax consulting issues that may arise in Turkey or in the different jurisdictions in which our clients operate their business. A&T tax team provides a full financial legal services for all corporate and finance transactions. 

Our highly experienced team has a pragmatic approach and strategic knowledge of local fiscal authorities’ operational and audit approaches, and understanding of commercial objectives that might have influences on certain transactional tax issues. 
Our experienced, solution-oriented and creative tax experts deliver all kinds of tax consulting services, including:

  • Corporate tax compliance 
  • Development of tax efficient structures for all financing transactions 
  • Documentation to financial transactions 
  • General tax and stand-alone tax consulting services
  • Individual income taxation 
  • International taxation 
  • Operations in Turkish Free Trade Zones
  • Private wealth related tax issues
  • Scrutiny and evaluation of taxation risks
  • Structuring complex M&As and corporate finance transactions
  • Taxation of mergers and acquisitions 
  • Tax filing 
  • Tax incentives and incentive legislation including Export Incentive Legislation, other tax incentives 
  • Tax liabilities 
  • Tax planning and tax policy matters
  • Transfer pricing
  • VAT and duty exemptions 

Tax Litigation

A&T tax litigation team includes highly experienced professionals who are capable of handling complex tax-related disputes across all industries. The team delivers customised dispute resolutions by considering business objectives of our clients. 

We have extensive familiarities with the risk avoidance/mitigation of tax-related matters. Additionally, the team regularly monitor regulatory developments and new tax solution trends that enables us to handle a large scale of litigious problems of our clients with the utmost care.
The team has in-depth understanding of the operations of audits and inspections carried out by tax authorities. We, in particular, know how to review of inspection reports and analyse the scope of the dispute effectively; this strengthens our skill to make a series of legal and financial manoeuvres before the litigation process commences. 
We handle all tax-related litigious problems including:

  • Analysing risks arising from commercial activities 
  • Appealing the dispute decisions and penalties, i.e. adjustment, amendment, reduction in penalties, 
  • Settlement with tax authorities
  • Reconciliation 
  • Reviewing of tax audits and inspections