Both national and international sport-related businesses are highly comprehensive areas that require specific legal knowledge and expertise. In this industry, you need legal advisers who are capable of providing in-depth sectorial analysis on the latest developments as well as giving a broad range of solution scales for local and global business of sport.

At A&T, our primal aim is the understanding, evolution and professional practice of sports law. A&T’s role is to provide a variety of perspectives and unparalleled commercial solutions to legal problems affecting or arising from sports law. A&T lawyers and advisers are dedicated themselves to protecting the rights of their clients as well as ensuring that they are well-informed with the latest market trends in the sports sector.

Providing legal expertise with a dynamic base in the light of commercial and cultural environment of sport enables us to understand what the precise concerns of our clients can be and create tailor-made solutions. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach in order to respond our clients’ needs at the high level of professionalism and experience in a prompt way.

At A&T, we do not solely provide reliable, solution oriented and productive legal advice to our clients in this sector, we also work with our clients to anticipate potential areas of sport business, commercialise sports related rights, support the commercial bodies of their sport businesses and develop practical mechanisms to resolve sport-related issues.

We assist a wide variety of clients in the sports arena by combining our global approach and understanding of the sports business. As the client portfolio of A&T is mainly originated by different business communities, our professionals are able to be proactive as well as creating business synergies and new commercial opportunities for our clients.   

Our Clients

We advise and act for a broad range of sport clients across the industry, including: agents, brand owners, broadcasters, clubs – football league clubs, contractors, event organisers, financial institutions, individual sportsmen, internet entities, investors, licensees, marketing agencies, international and national governing bodies, official – mega – general sponsors, player associations, sports teams and renowned player.  

What we do in Sports

We cover all aspects of sports sector, including:

  • Advising on all legal aspects of management, trade and protection of sports rights 
  • Advising on all legal aspects of organisation of national and international sport events 
  • Constitutional matters 
  • Contractual and employment issues of sportspersons 
  • Disciplinary proceedings 
  • Dispute resolution of all aspects of sports 
  • Football regulatory issues
  • Player rights and transfers
  • Project developments of sports venues 
  • Reputation management
  • Resolution of sport disputes 
  • Rules, regulation and governance of sport activities 
  • Sponsorship agreements 
  • Sporting events and promotions
  • Sports financing 
  • Sports infrastructure
  • Sports stadia

Sports – Media Agreements

  • Bespoke arrangements 
  • Broadcasting and marketing contracts 
  • Interactive technology and merchandising contracts 
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • E-commerce and the internet issues 
  • Local channels i.e. TV and radio 
  • New media
  • Other sports-related commercial agreements