At A&T, we provide domestic and cross-border advice to banks, financial institutions, government and other public organisations and sponsors on all aspects of projects. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive industry knowledge as well as our cutting-edge approach insofar as the initiating and development of projects are concerned. 

A&T lawyers and consultants are well aware that their scopes of responsibility include not only the forming, planning and identifying aspects of a project transaction, but also evolution, strategic advice and monitoring projects in all of the key markets across the globe. We are able to guide our clients through the most complicated matters ranging from negotiating terms and conditions of a project contract to completion and every potential dispute that may arise from a project.
Having worked for construction and engineering sector players in their mega construction, infrastructure and engineering projects, we know how significant to be a part of our client’s project team, where we meet the challenges and what the precise solutions can be.   

What we do in Projects

We provide a broad range of project law services on all aspects of project works, including:

  • Acquisition and disposal of project interests
  • Bonds, guarantees and warranties for projects 
  • Environmental regulation 
  • Management and analysis of project risks in mega projects and risk allocations 
  • Post completion supporting 
  • PPPs and PFIs
  • Preparation of project documentation 
  • Procurement strategies 
  • Project delivery 
  • Project due diligence 
  • Project finance 
  • Project structuring including BOT (build – operate – transfer), BOOT (build- operate – own – transfer), DBFO (design – build – finance – operate)
  • Refurbishments 
  • Site option control 
  • Tax structuring 

Advising, drafting and negotiating for all types of project agreements including:

  • Civil engineering contracts 
  • Concession agreements
  • EPC and turnkey agreements 
  • Facilities management agreements 
  • Lease agreements 
  • Main standard forms of contracts e.g. FIDIC, NEC, RIBA, JCT, etc.
  • Sale and purchase agreements 

Dispute resolution including litigation, mediation and arbitration

  • Defect claims 
  • Delay and disruption and extensions of projects 
  • Negligence claims 
  • Performance bonds and payment issues 
  • Release of retention disputes