The connection between the producing the electricity on the ship and the trading of the electricity become significant due to the new technologies and new aspects concerning maritime and energy industries. As a consequence of the need of the renewable energy and the threat of nuclear energy to the environment, the distance concerning producing electricity has been losing its importance.

Besides, the reasonable loss arising from the transmission cables give rise to the fact that authorities regarding the international market of electricity tend to amend the traditional way of trading and transmitting electricity. The new technology of shipping construction enables the governments to commerce electricity worldwide through “powership”. Hence, where there is an international trade relating to electricity between overseas parties, it is likely to be carried and produced by the vessels on the sea. In the light of this information, a new type of commerce of the electricity on sea is likely to need update rulings being able to provide and embody the issues, which may result from the conflict of interest between maritime, and energy industries.

A&T advises and acts for a broad range of powership sector players across the entire breadth of its core industries, including: carriers and shipping companies, bunker suppliers, cargo owners and end-users, charterers, insurers, reinsurers, P&I clubs, traders, suppliers, engineers, governments, general corporates, and any other business and commercial actors in its key sectors and practice areas.   

Our Clients

We provide advice and representation particularly with respect to cross-border transactions, project development and finance transactions, mergers & acquisitions, governments, international financial organizations, dispute resolution with special emphasis on arbitration, and restructuring and creditor rightsnew technology companies, oil and gas companies, project sponsors, purchasers, suppliers, across the full range of issues that apply to the sector. Powership industry is the core industry that the A&T is focused on. The firm differentiates itself with its industry specific expertise in this sector.

What we do in Powership

We cover all aspects of powership, including:

Advising, drafting and negotiation for all -contracts, including:

  • Construction, operations and maintenance contracts
  • Operating and Off-take agreements 
  • Procurement contracts
  • Project documentation 
  • Spot sales and long term sales agreements
  • Workplace agreements 
  • Dispute resolution: litigation and arbitration in powership industry

Advising on all aspects of powership, including:

  • Distribution and sale 
  • Production 
  • Processing 
  • Trading 
  • Transmission 

Advising, drafting and negotiation for all contracts, including:

  • Equipment purchase agreements
  • Fuel supply agreements
  • Heat and electricity energy supply agreements 
  • Power supply agreements