Real Estate


Today’s commercial and global real estate market players observe the real estate industry as one of the most beneficial investment climates and continue to invest a huge amount of money. As the market however operates in a complicated and fluctuated way, the market players are keen to work with legal professionals who are capable of bringing cutting-edge strategic initiatives and solutions as well as navigating through this changing business both at a domestic and global level.

A&T gives priority to its clients’ needs whether they are arisen from a pure real estate business or intended business is relied upon real estate. We offer dependable and practical professionals who regularly appraise local and global real estate market situations so that our clients succeed in all real estate businesses.

At A&T, we give our clients the convenience of traversing in all areas of real estate sector with a complete legal protection. Our dynamic and inquisitive approach also helps them to discover the new trends and enhance their businesses accordingly. We know that effective and beneficial movements through the real estate sector can solely be achieved by a close collaboration between our clients and A&T professionals.

Understanding the fundamental needs, concerns and risks of real estate sector enables us to take actions with innovate legal and commercial strategies in a rapid way on our clients’ behalf before they commence struggling to avoid risk or ameliorate the effects of the unexpected market fluctuations.

The main focus of our approach is to ensure that the interests of our clients are protected and they drive their real estate investment businesses regardless of any sectorial and legal restrictions. It is also our essential duty to have a number of legal and sectorial alternatives and resources in order for our clients to make continuous unrivalled business plans by forming and shaping the law. 

Our Clients

We advise and act for a broad range of clients across the industry, including: banks (commercial and mortgage), building contractors, buyer or seller of real estate, commercial – residential – house builders, developers, health organisations, hoteliers, investors – private investors, individuals, institutional and occupational tenants, insurers, landlords and owner occupiers, property companies, public and regulatory authorities, real estate agents, retailers, surveyors as well as trading companies. 

What we do in Real Estate

Our work in this area includes: 

  • Appropriate risk allocation and procurement strategies
  • Arbitration – international arbitration, dispute resolution, litigation, mediation
  • Asset and property management 
  • Auctions
  • Banking, funds and funding, acquisitions and disposals
  • Commercial, rental, residential and urban developments & redevelopments 
  • Commercial leasing and corporate real estate strategies
  • Compliance with local laws – restrictions
  • Environmental and land use regulations
  • Healthcare premises and medical premises
  • Investment - acquisitions, disposals, institutional freehold and leasehold 
  • Landlord and tenant issues 
  • Mortgage and commercial mortgage loans 
  • Negotiating and drafting all forms of office, retail and warehouse leases
  • Occupational lettings - retail, office and industrial
  • Outsourcing
  • Planning, environmental impact assessments and safety
  • Projects and project finance
  • Pursuit of insolvent tenants for the recovery of possession and rent arrears 
  • Real estate and public investment finance 
  • Real estate sale and leasebacks 
  • Real estate taxing
  • Rent review advising 
  • Residential and portfolio acquisitions for domestic and international investors/residents
  • Restructuring, insolvency and impaired assets
  • Warehouse, bridge and other major facilities