Internet, Media & Advertising


The Internet, media and advertising industries have been rapidly changing and fast-growing industries as there have been globally new developments in digital technologies. Inevitable effects of such changes and developments are to be observed by current market players as well as newcomers that there are both new advantages and risks.

In these industries, the main objective of local companies or large worldwide companies or individuals is to seek to create something that has never been used before. We are able to advise our clients how and when to take actions in the light of the local and/or global regulations from the creation to release of their products.

Whether our clients are creating, or managing or distributing or financing or litigating, or selling – buying any current and/or new business model in these fast-moving sectors, we are at their disposal to address legal requirements and policies.

In order for our clients to drive their own business plan through the Internet, media & advertising sectors with trusted legal protections and commercial profits as well as having a worldwide reputation, we have dedicated ourselves to providing an explicit, solution-oriented and commercially focused advice.

A&T deals with all operational aspects of the Internet, media & advertising sectors by not purely providing legal changes but also monitoring latest sectorial opportunities and risks. Our extensive experience has demonstrated that focusing on sectorial and technical issues enables us to understand the market trends and respond to the exact needs of our clients.

We also endeavour to locate the source of the problem in any disputes of our clients and find and/or create a definite solution whether the law is uncertain or there is a legal gap. By working with us, our clients benefit from being represented by experienced lawyers and consultants all around the world under A&T legal protection.   

Our Clients

We act for a broad range of clients across the industry, including: advertisers, agencies and promoters, banks, broadcasters, communications networks and service providers, digital media providers, distributors, event promoters, film and television production producers, franchise owners, international and national governing bodies, internet portals, investors, lending institution, media companies, online and on demand operators, OTT providers, rights holders, satellite and cable operators, sponsors, studios, and other leading corporations and individuals on the wide range of legal issues that arise in the sector.

What we do in Internet, Media & Advertising

Our work in these areas includes:

  • Advertising, online advertising, marketing, brand creation, legitimate fair use of third party trademarks and copyright
  • Anti-spam legislation
  • ASA adjudications
  • Audio-visual piracy 
  • Copyright, defamation, patent and trademark protection, prosecution
  • Data protection laws
  • E-commerce
  • Film rights, content acquisition and development
  • Litigation, arbitration and mediation of disputes
  • Marketing issues
  • Media and electronic media financing
  • Media regulation (i.e. policy changes, government relations - public consultation, foreign ownership issues, domestic licensing and public safety requirements) 
  • Merchandising and sponsorships 
  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, public offerings of digital media companies
  • Music and other live events
  • Online promotions and contests
  • Publishing (i.e. Magazine, newspaper and learned journal, blogs, hardback – paperback, e-tablet)
  • Radio and TV broadcast media, digital media and data protection
  • Review and clearance of Web content
  • Social media and user generated content
  • Use of intellectual property rights
  • Website and customer terms of use, public – privacy policies and anti-spam legislation

Advising the Internet, Media and Advertising Industries on

  • Anti-trust and competition law
  • Borrowing
  • Exploiting media rights
  • Finance 
  • Intellectual property protection, management, maintenance and enforcement
  • Production and rights acquisition
  • Consumer protection, regulatory advice and administrative issues 
  • Staging and exploiting live sports and other events 

Drafting, Advising and Negotiation for all Sector-related Contracts

  • Advertising agency agreements
  • Commercial agreements with content rating rules and IT service providers
  • Distribution and licensing agreements
  • EPG contracts
  • Image rights and naming agreements
  • Network and technology related agreements
  • Play out facility contracts
  • Publishing agreements
  • Sale of broadcast and new media rights
  • Series of broadcasting agreements
  • Set-top boxes agreements

New Media

  • Mobile apps and mobile marketing rules,
  • Mobile devices i.e. smart-phones, 
  • Internet-TV