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Dr Andrea Lista

Key Sectors
  • Trade & Commodities 
  • Shipping
  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Ports & Terminals 
  • Sports
Practice Areas
  • Arbitration
  • Banking & Finance
  • Commercial 
  • Corporate 
  • Consultancy
  • Competition 
  • Dispute Resolution
Dr Andrea Lista has notably worked as a legal advisor to a multinational enterprise leading in underwater technology and has been a legal consultant to the European Parliament. He has lectured for several years in various areas of commercial law (international trade, competition law, internal market law and corporate law) in Southampton and London, and he is a very active legal consultant.

Dr Lista has vast experience in EU law, corporate law, and international trade and international commercial arbitration, and he is a legal consultant to companies and law firms. He is also an active member of the European Law Research Group.

In May 2013, Andrea was awarded the `ETA Excellence in Teaching Award as the Overall Outstanding Lecturer in the School of Law`, and the `Vice Chancellor Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching`.
  • Institute of Maritime Law, School of Law, University of Southampton 
  • Editor for the EU Competition Law section of Encyclopaedia of IT Law, Sweet&Maxwell (London)
  • Queen Mary, University of London, PhD
  • University of Southampton School of Law, LL.M
  • University of Parma Faculty of Law, LL.D
  • Italian (Native)
  • English (Fluent)

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