The healthcare industry is one of the largest, fastest expanding and most expensive industries within countries’ economic systems in the world. There are both inevitable challenges and unpredictable changes that healthcare-focused actors must cope with. There are also business opportunities that industry players are keen on not to miss any of them. By handling the challenges or discovering new business opportunities, industry players mainly focus their energies on finding legal professionals who have both legal and commercial understanding as well as have a sectorial knowledge of the strategies and principles that affect and underlie the healthcare industry.

At A&T, we offer our clients to rethink their business strategies with a reliable legal point of view. We assist them how effective to face the challenges in commercialising and developing their businesses, making profitable returns globally and finding innovative use of business models and technologies in lowering costs while delivering their services and/or products. In addition to legal expertise, we have an ability to work with our clients on their new business strategies since we are always well aware of our clients’ business dynamics and risks.

With dedicated and multi-disciplinary practice, we are capable of offering a broad range of legal services across the spectrum of healthcare business. We mainly concentrate on our clients’ core activities within healthcare business and work alongside them in order to represent their commercial and corporate interests effectively anywhere in the world.

We take a tailor-made approach to ensure that unique and commercially focused frameworks are provided. We also help our clients to overcome difficulties arising from competing with other sector players; to ensure that our services precisely meet the fundamental aspects of their specific needs rather than purely complying with local and international legal requirements.

We guarantee that our clients can benefit from commercially and legally skilled professionals who have extensive industry knowledge as well as having considerable abilities to draw the outline of the structure and business venture and then select the appropriate vehicle in order to deliver practical solutions. 

Our Clients

We advise and act for a broad range of healthcare clients across the industry, including: academic medical centres, bioscience and biotechnology companies, clinicians, contractors and consultants, developers and investors, medical equipment suppliers, governmental health care systems, healthcare administrative bodies and professional bodies, healthcare service and life sciences providers, health insurers, lenders and investors in healthcare industry, local and global healthcare authorities, medical device and technology companies and manufacturers, medical research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies, pharmacists and pharmacy owners, public, private and speciality hospitals, retail pharmacies and wholesale distributors.

What we do in Healthcare

We cover all aspects of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, including: 


  • Advising on the healthcare projects including the construction, design, finance, operation and maintenance of clinical facilities
  • Collaboration and service-sharing arrangements
  • Dispute resolution, including arbitration, litigation and mediation 
  • Domestic and International provisions of medical devices and associated services
  • False health claims
  • Governance and regulatory issues
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse issues
  • Healthcare disposals, mergers and acquisitions
  • Insurance coverage and reimbursement
  • Joint ventures 
  • Labour and employment matters 
  • Medical liability claims
  • Patent litigation and other intellectual property litigation 
  • Patience claims 
  • Property and construction of healthcare facilities 

Advising, drafting and negotiation for all healthcare-related contracts, including:

  • General medical service contracts (GMS)
  • General dental service contracts (GDS)
  • Healthcare partnership and shareholders contracts 
  • Research and development agreements 

Life Sciences

  • Clinical trials documentation and regulatory advice
  • Commercial and licensing agreements 
  • Licensing and transfer of rights
  • Medical devices businesses – investing, manufacturing, local legal, regulatory and commerciality
  • Product liability advice and litigation
  • Regulatory and compliance 
  • Supply and distribution agreements
  • Technology and product licensing

Medical Tourism

  • Cardiac surgery 
  • Dental surgery
  • Joint replacement 
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery and any other types of surgeries 


  • Acquisitions and disposals of pharmacy businesses
  • Commercial contracts, i.e. joint ventures 
  • Domestic and International provisions of pharmaceutical services
  • Labour and employment issues 
  • Patent litigation and other intellectual property litigation 
  • Pharmaceutical licencing agreements 
  • Pharmacy contract applications
  • Pharmacy oppositions and appeals 
  • Purchases, sales and leases of pharmacy properties