It is well known by the global transportation industry that a good number of certain arrangements and principles have been agreed among countries in order to enlarge the international civil aviation as well as the international air transport services in the world. Global aviation sector, in this sense, has been increasingly expanding and seeking to reach a high volume of providing an effective international transport alternative. Each country regulates aviation in a different way; nevertheless, the commercial outcome of the sector generally falls under global interactions depending upon the strategies of aviation organisations.

We advise our clients in a range of jurisdictions by harmonising our commercial perspective and legal expertise of the aviation sector as well as providing the knowledge of aviation technology in order to provide a broad range of commercial alternatives and solutions so that the clients can drive their business according to their own business plan.

We, as A&T professionals, continually offer first class legal and aviation expertise services for our clients by collaborating our cutting-edge and commercially focused approach regardless of whether they are based in Turkey or somewhere else in the world. At A&T, our clients are offered to meet with our technical and sectorial experience in monitoring the global aviation industry by scrutinising the sectorial risks and being supported and represented at the local and global aviation arena.

Our expert aviation team involves well-encouraged and dedicated specialists who are capable of dealing with all aspects of aviation and addressing the right solution for all matters. In this sector, we give guidance not only by providing a high-level law expertise globally, but also by offering international perspectives with the help of operational and sectorial knowledge of our expert aviation team. 

Our services are grounded to deal with the aviation issues of any needs for professional arrangements and assistance of the aviation-related organisations. We specialise in performing all aspect of the aviation systems by assisting our clients to improve their commercial efficiency throughout the target geographical region.   

Our Clients

In this industry, our clients are mainly based upon national and international airlines, airports, operators, freight forwarding companies and agents, manufacturers, insurers, reinsurers, financiers, unions, cargo handlers, stevedores, bunker suppliers and catering companies.

What we do in Aviation

We cover all aspects of aviation issues, including: 

  • Air charter and lease transactions - management and operation
  • Aircraft and engine maintenance 
  • Aircraft delivery
  • Aircraft importation, registration and operation
  • Aircraft or any aviation incident/accident inspection or investigate
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Airline consulting for all departments, feasibility and business plan 
  • Airport construction and reconstruction issues
  • Airport operator finance
  • Air traffic control, airport management
  • Asset based financing
  • Aviation commercial contracts among airlines, suppliers and airports
  • Aviation liability 
  • Business and private aviation, including business jets 
  • Civil Aviation regulations 
  • Corporate and financial structures; corporate finance 
  • Coverage
  • Crises management 
  • Establishment of new subsidiary carriers, new operations and new routes
  • Death, injury and property damage claims
  • Fatal accident inquiries and proceedings 
  • Fleet renewal
  • Flight simulator construction and management
  • Health and safety, dangerous goods handling
  • Hull, cargo and passenger claims
  • Insurance & reinsurance liability, subrogation and risk management
  • Intellectual property - know-how and trade mark protection/IT
  • International flight support
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Negotiation all commercial and/or operational documents 
  • Regulatory, transactional & commercial issues
  • Reputation and marketing agreements
  • Supply of products and services liability claims
  • Sale and purchase agreements 
  • Schedule and charter flight with low cost logic