Construction & Engineering


Professionals practicing in the construction, engineering & infrastructure sector encounter a various difficulties and changes including political impacts, financial problems, country risks, uncertain industrial dynamics as well as global and local ever-changing construction regulations.

Construction sector players need a dependable legal team who is consistently capable of monitoring clients - competitors - suppliers – and other actors of the sector, identifying global growth opportunities, comprehending the impact of sectorial developments, assessing financial, commercial and political trends as well as evaluating business opportunities and sectorial risks accordingly.

A&T deals with all areas of the construction sector, including engineering issues; transportation and infrastructure projects; mega structures; turn-key basis projects; energy projects; natural gas and electricity distribution; housing, building and industrial projects; residential projects; touristic facilities; port and shipbuilding yard constructions; military projects; environment oriented projects.

The dynamic perspective of A&T leads our clients to shape and develop the construction sector in rapid, effective and beneficial methods. As a well-qualified team in construction industry, it is not a challenging task for us to meet the varying demands of our clients. We provide professional assistance to our clients how on construction risks can efficiently be reduced and managed in the scope of a coherent economic strategy. 

Our international reach enables us to envisage how the construction risks might occur and provide beneficial strategies to our clients so that they can manage those risks successfully. Our global relationship with the law firms and international construction companies also qualify us to combine local businesses with the global commercial market needs.

Our extensive experience in this sector enables us to collaborate continuously with our clients as part of a member of their business team and serve instant legal, commercial, industrial directives depending upon their current commercial needs and business objectives. 

Our Clients

We act for a broad range of clients across the industry, including: major public and private sector developers and owners, contractors and subcontractors, end-users, occupiers, banks, engineers, surveyors and architects, financial institutions, municipalities and other government entities, power and utility companies, suppliers, service and technology providers, employers and project managers – operators, joint venture parties, funders as well as property insurers. 

What we do in Construction & Engineering

Our work in this area includes amongst others:

  • Bonds, guarantees, collateral warranties and associated documentation
  • Condominium rights
  • Domestic and international construction services
  • Domestic and international arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation, DABs, other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and dispute avoidance
  • Easements and condemnation matters
  • Environmental construction and LEED issues
  • Framework and partnering arrangements
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Planning and development of other major infrastructure projects
  • Professional appointments
  • Public procurements 
  • Risk and project management
  • Tax issues

Construction/Mega construction projects:

  • Construction project documentation; including EJCDC, Consensus DOCS, AIA
  • PFI/PPP projects
  • Civil and process engineering projects
  • Advice on project administration
  • Project support
  • High-profile projects relating to commercial property
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Projects; e.g. Ports - Bridges and Tunnels - Airports - Resorts - Metro - Urban Infrastructure - Railways, High Speed Railways - Roads, Highways and Motorways
  • Agriculture and Hydraulic Projects; e.g. Dams - Flood control - Water Conveyance System,
  • Housing, commercial property and retail projects 
  • Education & healthcare projects 
  • Hotels, sports and leisure projects 

Contract issues:

  • EPC contracts
  • Development and funding contracts
  • Operation and maintenance contracts
  • Property and facilities management contracts
  • Domestic and international contracts
  • Turn-key agreements 
  • FIDIC Standard Form of Agreement
  • RIBA Standard Form of Agreement
  • RICS Form of Agreement
  • JCT family of contracts
  • Structuring, drafting and negotiation of all kinds of construction contracts
  • Contract interpretation
  • Employment contracts 

Litigation issues:

  • Full spectrum of construction dispute resolution
  • Disputes among owners, contractors, subcontractors, and consultants
  • Disputes relating to scope of work changes
  • Payment claims
  • Subrogation claims
  • Delay and disruption claims
  • Construction defects and design deficiencies claims